#HiSummer ! 5月25~31日,滿額享優惠,滿4999加送您一個NT$390的寶貝袋(u367,材質顏色隨機、恕不挑色)。新款上市:u4034 s7001 u1035 u1037 u1033 u4020 u3016 u4026
#HiSummer ! May 25~31, Enjoy discount on orders reach amount, and order amount reach 4999 get 1 free happiness pouch(u367, random fabric/color, value NT$390). New release: u4034 s7001 u1035 u1037 u1033 u4020 u3016 u4026
Because Cornonavirus (COVID-19) affects international flights, 113 countries are currently unable to send postal airmail (AirMail, AirParcel, and EMS) from here, a list of affected destinations, Some of countries still can be shipped by SF-Express or Aramex, welcome to contact us. In other countries where postal airmail is still possible, delivery times will be delayed due to the significant reduction in the number of flights.