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Shipping & Payment

International Shipping & Payment

We provide 3 payment and 3 shipping methods for International orders.


Onlne Pay Button

The pay button for Credit Card and PayPal, will appear after order submitted, and will appear in order content if order not paid yet.


Our PayPal account currency is in TWD (New Taiwan Dollar, NT$), PayPal supports more than 23 currencies in the world. You can pay online as you checkout your order in the checkout page. On the other hand, you may choose to wait for the order confirmation email which will specify the amount due and later on make payment as deemed appropriate.

Credit Card

It may display in Chinese "信用卡". Online instant payment, we use SSL to securely encrypt third party payments, therefore we won't retain your any credit card details. You can use VISA, MASTER, JCB, other international credit cards, and UnionPay, When the amount due of overseas orders exceeds 60,000 and happened the transfer limitation, please pay by Paypal or Telegraph Transfer (T/T).

Telegraph Transfer

Telegraph Transfer (T/T) is for international remittance only, the base handling fee is 300 (not including the handling fee of your local bank), Our account will be posted in your order content if you choose pay by T/T.

We recommended you using the PayPal or Credit Card, because of the handling fee of T/T is charged to you as buyer.


  • Delivered by International Express Mail Service (EMS), approx within 7days arrive, You can tracking it from your local postal service. Shipping cost will varying on weight. the shipping fee start from 450 (Asia, first 0.5kg).
  • We have to re-calculate the EMS fee, therefore, the pay button will not appear after you submitted the order, we will send the order confirmed email later. After receive your order confirmed email, please back to Member Center, to review your order and issue the payment.

Air Mail

  • The flat-rate shipping for international shipments, deliver by the economical Registered Air Mail, approx 7 to 28 days arrive, The flat-rate is 250 (about 8.0 USD).
  • It may can(or not) tracking from your local postal service (some countries may deliver more slowly in local).

Due to the slower local Air Mail delivery and the service outsourcing in some countries (such as Canada). Australia and United State also have been happen during the peak season, there have been late to or over 60 days. it may not be possibled to directly check the progress of your local postal system, We also have lost the package, therefore we added the "Air Parcel" for some countries. If you have been faced same situation, we strongly recommend that you switch to the "Air Parcel", that you can trace it from your local post office, and will arrive faster.

We are not guaranteed how many days can arrive your hands if ship by the Air Mail to some countries, and very diffcult to or can not trace it, for these countries we updated the shipping method to "Air Parcel" as default.

please inform us if your new order need use Air Mail (the original Flat-Rate Shipping, Air Mail), but we will not re-send the products if the package lost in your country.

Air Parcel (Recommended)

International package shipments, delivered by the Registered Air Parcel, Approx 7 to 14 days arrive, You can tracking your package from your local postal service., The rate start from 390TWD (about 13.0 USD).


We are only able to track the export time from here for Registered Air Mail and Parcel (except EMS). The rest would certainly need to be tracked from your country (except Air Mail in some countires). The tracking number as same as our shipping number (*The Air Mail tracking number is RA*****TW if sent out from Taiwan), You also can tracking from 3rd party sites:, or

Import Tax & Duty

All the shipping cost not include the import tax and customs duty, Customs duty and other taxes may be levied when the shipment reaches your country. If applicable, please pay those costs directly to the delivery agents or the customs office. Policies on those taxes vary in each country. Please contact the customs office at your country for more details.

If you can not place order online, or have any tax and duty question, please feel free to contact us