Shop Guide (EN)2% Rewards

2% Rewards

Your rewards will never expire!

2% Feedback and can Grow

  • New members will receive rewards of 1500 points immediately, and will be able to use on the first checkout. 1500 = 30.
  • Members get 1 point for every 1 spent (excluding the parts of coupons, discounts, shipping and some clearance).
  • Every 100 points can be deducted to cash 2 (2% discount) at checkout.
  • During the anniversary event (November of each year), you can enjoy the annual offer. For example, the appreciation is 2.5 times, 100 points grow up to 5, then you will get 5% discount.

Start from 28 Sep 2018, The rewards is changed to as the icon, the discount ratio for point use of the products is adjusted the maximum upto 100% (minimum is 50% of list price), therefore the item page will no longer display the number of points that can be used, it also means you almost can use your rewards to get a free underwear. The (rewards icon) will also appear directly on the checkout and members related pages.


  • Rewards are limited to the members of iSwim Fashion official shopping site, and not suitable to dealer.
  • After the order completed (or paid), the rewards will be automatically accumulated (the COD order need to wait for the logistics company to notify, so it will be slightly late by 1~2 working days. *COD is limited to Taiwan).


We reserves the right of change (or stop) the content of rewards.