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  • When registering, please fill in the member name (case insensitive), e-mail, password, verification code, and read the [User Agreement] in detail to sign up as the member.
  • Passwords must be at least 6 characters (case sensitive).
  • New members can add an Address in the member center first.
  • Personal data of profile is only used to supplement contact information. Except Email, the rest are optional.

Consignee Address

  • Members must add a address before submit the first order. Address information is for shipping only.
  • The first address, phone number, name and other related information, can also be edited (or modified) when sending the first order.
  • Members can store up to 5 addresses. When there are multiple addresses at the same time, be sure to select the correct address before sending the order.

Email Verfication

  • After the new member is registered, our site will issue an "Email Verification" to verify your Email address.
  • If you have not received your verification email, please check if your mailbox is missing or sent to spam folder. you also can Send validateion mail (can be resend) in the member center.
  • If member changes Email of profile, Email will be uncertified. Please Send validateion mail to verify your new Email.
  • Member Email verification is to detect whether you can receive the letter sent by our site. This certification operation is not absolutely related to membership.
  • We strongly recommend that you complete the verification and confirm that you can receive the email from us. If you forget your password, you will need the correct email to reset your password.
  • To avoid missed messages when using free mailboxes, it is recommended that you add our email addrss to your contact list.

Forgot Password

  • If you forget your password, you must enter "Username, Email" what you registered. After inputting, our site will send Member Password Reset mail to your mailbox.
  • Click the link in the Member Password Reset email (or copy the URL from the email to the browser) to create a new password.
  • If you have forgotten what Email that you registered, you can leave a message contian your "Username" on  public message board. After the inquiry, the staff will send message to your mailbox which you registered. Please check your mailbox and come back to do reseting.
  • Email inquery by Username is a manual operation, therefore, Please check your mailbox later. If has not been received for a long time, please leave a message to our customer service.
  • In order to protect the personal data of members, It is not possible to inquiry Username by Email. Please understand.

Username Change

  • If you need to change your username, please be sure to leave a message to the "Personal Message Board" in the Member Center to comment on the new username you wish to change.
  • If the new username has not been used yet, it will be modifid and replied to Personal Message Board under the new username.
  • If you have more than two accounts at the same time and need to merge them, please also leave a message to the "Personal Message Board" of the member center. this site will check whether the orders belong to the same person. After merged, reward points and rank points will be accumulated to the combined account. Order data under other accounts will not be merged, but you can still login and do the inquiry.
  • All historical orders will not be deleted, even a request by member, this site will maintain all historical orders at a specific time.


  • When signed up, new members will get a ranking of 1500 points, and 1 point increase for each 1 spent.
  • Spent 6,000, reach 7,500 rank-points you will become a VIP.
  • VIP members can enjoy the discounted price 3% off usually, the product page will actively display the VIP price, or enjoy the additional discount when the offer is available.
  • VIP also enjoy the little modification service for underwear and swimming trunks (only for semi-custom make orders), the service content will be listed in the member center when you are a VIP.
  • Other offers: occasional coupons, or extra discounts during promotion.


  • All order records will not be deleted, even if the member makes a request.
  • Personal messages, comments, etc., cannot be deleted by members.
  • Historical records such as coupons, collections, and booking records cannot be deleted by members.
  • All the above information related to the members, this site will only clean up the historical data of a certain year or more at a specific time, the cleanup date will be announced in the Member Center, and the old data that has been cleaned will no longer provide the query.
  • If member who is attempts to influence the operation and information of website. This site will cancel its membership.


This site reserves the right to change the rating of user rank points, membership registration and/or cancellation. Latest revision: 2018/06/01, 2016/4/21